India in Recession: An short note to be noted!

I read an interesting news on DNA Mumbai edition.

Are you worried about Job losses and Job security? Then you have a robot for a company now! Japanese companies are axing hired Robots in the wake of recent plummeted demand in Industrial production. According to what the newspaper published, in 2005, more than 370,000 robots worked in factories across Japan, about 40% of the Global total.

There are still people who think Recession prevails in India, but its not. In fact, it never was. It’s only the Recessionary Mood that is prevailing. I saw people who were searching Google when “India recovering from Recession” and “how IT can recover from recession in india

I can understand their curiosity. I get a hit on my Blog for at least once in a day for Recession. The geography is not limited to India, even outside India. Recession might effect the IT Industry if things still go bad in other countries. So will be all Export oriented units.

Whatever the mindset says, India is clearly out of Recession. As of now and largely enough, the wave has gone by and things look again, back to square one.

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