The Google Power: Mapping the Consumption, suggesting saving

Wow, that it now finally has happened is really a good news. Google’s non-profit arm, now has announced that it, along with Power utility companies now will put an online power consumption report that will tell consumers their power usage, and ways to save power in an initiative that helps in reducing the Carbon Foot Print.

Compete with Neighbours and Friends?

That sounds really interesting. Yea, now you can strike up a little competition with your neighbour to win a friendly race in saving power or to put it google way, using your power efficiently.

As usual with Google, this initiative is in Beta, currently working with selected partners. And boy, we have our own Reliance Power participating! Which has by far, the largest number of customers among the list.

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it!

That is the motto here. A quote by Lord Kelvin, it instantly strikes a nail in your head. If we are able to see how much my fridge is draining my pocket, then it means you either need to use it more efficently or you need to change it. That will save on your bill next month and help keep our planet a bit greener.

To quote what Google wrote on their website;

“For every six households that save 10% on electricity, for instance, we reduce carbon emissions as much as taking one conventional car off the road”

I welcome the Change!

visit Power Meter

An Update

As per what Varun had commented, I thought this will be a good point to add in this post.

As for companies, they stand to gain instead of loose. Due to insufficient power, they have to buy power at higher rate than the rate they could produce power at. That converts into savings for them instead of worrying about the loss that power control would bring in.

This move can help save a lot of power wastage and that is where we could possibiliy see a relief. Hope this works.

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