LMN or Nimbooz? Which one will you prefer?

In the summer, Pepsico could not have found a better product than producing the classical Indian Lemonade. Yes, you might have already seen the adverts, but there is a new rival in the market already.

Parle Agro launched LMN [short for Lemon] just a week after Nimbooz gone live. Nimbooz createad a stirr in the market where people who normally prefer to have an arreated drink switched back to the age old formula of Lemonade.

Lemonade helps you during this tough summer season, especially if you are a guy who is always on the field.

I have tasted both the products and I have to say that Nimbooz a much better product than LMN. The package quality of Nimbooz is also much better than LMN. Did you taste it? Write in your comments.

Advertisment Review

While both the advertisment are good, LMN stands out because the idea creating a Lilliputian on the beach of full Gaints. It creates exitement. Dirnking LMN changes your energy levels, which is exactly what is potrayed in the advertisment.

The background score of Nimbooz stands loud and clear than that of LMN. I liked the hint of Indianess in the Nimbooz advert.

My Rating:

Nimbooz: 2.5/5
LMN: 3.5/5

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