Mumbai overheats as temp touches 40°C

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As such the summer is so undesireable in Mumbai, and to have temperatures break the roof is like hit on the face and at the back at the same time. On Wednesday, the maximum daytime temperature recorded was a maximum of 40.6°C.

It is too bad thing for me. I am sweaty person and it falls like Rivers and Waterfalls from my body. When I try to sleep in the night, it is all over my body. Since the whole day is spent in the comfort of Central A/c in office, when you come home you cannot possible bear the heat.

“But this is not unusual for summer. March too saw days when the daytime temperature rose up to 40C in the city, if April is so hot, how terrible will May be?” “The direction of the wind is the major factor which decides the level of heat the city experiences. North-westerly and westerly winds coming in from the sea — termed sea breeze — reduce the temperature, while hot northern or north-easterly winds blowing in from the interiors raise it,” said a weather expert as reported on DNA Mumbai.

I have made up my mind to buy a Air Cooler instead of A/C since it is cheaper, dont have to digg in the wall and runs more economically than an AC (read Green). The important thing is that you have to feel the cool air it is throwing at you. Since I an net junkie, I searched on the Internet, only to find a few products where reviews are exactly opposite. Some say this is the best, some say the worst. Same model, different reivews may be confusing.

So, I think for this decision to take I would need to see it live and in working condition. But durability and reliability cannot be judged in a single visit. Slew of Local ones and Branded Air Coolers are available, price acts as a differentiator in most cases. Neither of them offer you complete gurantee (as reviews on internet say) on the lifetime, some say it works only for 10 days.

Let me see if I can find a product that is worth the buck. In the mean while, if anyone has bought one / used one, please share the details on the comment box.

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