Apple Safari 4.0: Something Very Different

Believe it or not, I have started using Safari leaving Firefox behind. Yes, the new Safari 4.0 (beta) has caught my attention and I am glued to it. A claimed whopping 150 features are waiting for you to explore them.

The most striking feature is the Top Sites which is ala Speed Dail of Opera and Most Visited on dashboard of Chrome.

Then you have a full History search and Cover Flow which are imported from Mac. You get a similar interface. Works effortlessly. The feature of auto completion of the web address is intelligent. Tabs are put on the top, and added animation like a slide bar has been thrown in when you want to bring two far ended tabs closer.

I love the way they have put it as against Opera and Chrome. Of-course it consumes more ram, but then if I have some extra ram to spare, then why not.

Now, a bit from the Web Designer and Developer View.

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