Google’s New: Google SMS 9773300000 (for India)

Google has launched an yet another first in India. Search via SMS.

In a first of its kind service, this 10 Digit number does not fall under the “Special Numbers” category which enables the mobile service provider to change you anything between 3 to 10 Rupees of your hard earned money. Now, if you need to do some searching, then use this service.

I costs you the same cost as your normal SMS. Also, if you have a free SMS Pack, you not even need to worry about cost et all.

The most commonly used “Cricket Score” is now available from Google for a cheaper rate. This surely will eat into the mobile service provider’s earnings who have been banking on Value added services to cover the costs elsewhere.

A complete list of services are available at Google’s website.

The Airtels and the Vodafones of India may cry foul on this just because this may eat into their earnings. I think at the end of the day, it is the customers who will benefit from this service. We would all do the best to promote this service.

GoogleSMS Service
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