Maruti should bring updated Gypsy soon

Timeless classic that it is, Maruti Suzuki’s Gypsy has been a hit with off-road enthusiasts. Based on Suzuki’s second generation Jimny, Gypsy has been one of the favorite vehicles of defense personnel and those who are into Rallying.

The reason why I am saying this is the recent success of Ford Ecosport. Not that Gypsy is anything like Ecosport, which is much modern and has all the latest gadgetry but an update Gypsy could bring in some cheer to enthusiasts and would find new buyers. One of the classic Mini SUVs that Maruti has in its stable, and still on sale.

I happened to read a lot of Wikipedia when I accidentally landed up on Suzuki Jimny (reading about a record – highest ridden car in the world, beating Jeep), only to realize that it is the same vehicle that is sold in India as Maruti Gypsy.

While 2013 Jimny is an excellent choice to replace Gypsy, Maruti might not do it and keep the older Gypsy alive. It is a respected classic in India, however dismal sales could make it difficult to keep doing that.

I personally always had a liking to Gypsy – and it never changed. Like Tata Safari, this has been one of the childhood dreams and for me Gypsy is cult. I read a review on PetrolBlog about Suzuki Jimny, and author Gavin really puts it well – the car has a fan following that others dream off and it has proven its livability. Also see the performance movie on Global Suzuki website (from where I have downloaded the pictures you see in the gallery below).

Now, this thought came to my mind and as I started writing, I googled about if there is any discussions happening elsewhere and I was surprised. There are so many people writing about it, and has been discussed in many forums in India.

Retailing at INR 6,45,775 for the Hard top metallic version (Ex-Showroom, Thane), the price is right. Maruti should, in all probability launch the updated Gypsy in the same price range and I just might buy it.

Let us push Maruti to get the Jimny to India. What price would you pay for Jimny if you would buy?

Suzuki Jimny Interior Suzuki Jimny Exterior Suzuki Jimny Exterior Suzuki Jimny Interior Suzuki Jimny Interior Suzuki Jimny Exterior Suzuki Jimny Exterior Suzuki Jimny Exterior Suzuki Jimny Exterior
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  1. Mukesh says

    jimny is the most awaited 4×4 for india

    1. Hemal Shah says

      It is, indeed!

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