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Bharti Airtel Promblems

It’s after a long time I am writing about Advertisement reviews. Airtel has come up with another set of awesome advertisements. The last time they had released their re-branding campaign with an Airtel Endless goodbye advert which launched its 3G video calling services.

This time around, they have managed to touch the emotional chord again, with four new adverts. And it is targeting Facebook users, Music Lovers, Devotional people and Business people with Email advert covering more than 90% of the users. The new marketing tag line is Songs, Facebook, Email and Devotional songs for one Rupee, Friendship Free!

Catch lines in these adverts.. check the emotion running behind..

Email Advert: Email bhejna hai… tumhare phone pe nahi hoga.. (I have to send an email, your phone may not have it)

Devotional Advert: Hanumanji hai?

Facebook Advert: (Watchman) Sir, aap mere friend banoge kya?

But the best and the most touching of all, has to be the Music Advert. It is the star!

A guy and a small girl are showed playing Antakshari – the girl is speech impaired and hence she uses actions to sing a song. But she chooses to steam a song (Itti si Hassi, Itti si Khushi – from movie Barfi) on a Nokia phone and enacts the song lyrics… It connects to those sensitive people.

I do not see these adverts inspiring customers of other mobile service providers to join Airtel, however would inspire existing users to utilize the services. Some thing that Vodafone guys have done it in a much different way. But let me conclude by saying, this is the best advertisements that we have seen off late, and pushed me to blog about it after a long time.

So what do you think about this article?

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