Attitude towards women and men in India


I have to agree to what Karan Thapar says in today’s HT Mumbai edition. The issue and all the protests are to seek justice is a phenomenal feat, but the main point is its men who rape. And because the teaching at home is not in the right direction.

A boy is always seen superior to the girl, and this naturally induces the tendency for them to loose respect for women. This applies to the parents. It hurts, but its a fact in India. It applies to our society, who become the protectors of the western beliefs at the same time continues to see women as a thing to play with.

Why does our society start bitching when a girl is seen with a guy, even though it is really possible that guy can be a cousin, a good friend? Why does the society start behaving protective instead of being Proactive? Educate your sons to value women, and daughters to value men. Never demean either in front of the other. And this goes out to all mothers too. Not all may be doing it, but still there are and which is why incidents still happen.

Dowry, one of the main reasons why fathers and other family members do not want a girl child. Other thought is since the girl is not going to be with family after marriage but boy will. In a word girls are always called ‘paraya dhan’.

Stop this my fellow Indians. Lets value humanity more than money, gold or anything immaterial. Its not worth it.

So what do you think about this article?

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