The effects and ill-effects of the protests over rape in Delhi


Wake up India! She is dead.

The title for todays HT is to the point. And hell yes, we all have to be awaken to what is happening. Its not only Delhi, the decorated rape capital of Independent India, and also the Capital of Republic of India. For one, the whole agenda of protests is to get Damini or Patient X, justice and strengthen laws for Rape to ensure it instills fear and hoping that this help women be safe in our country.

The rapists should, by all means, get the harshest of the punishments, including capital punishment. And the entire process be in front of the media, who can broadcast it live. And their death should not be easy, and everyone in our country and outside should be able to see it. Feel it. And this should be practiced for every other rape case in India.

But has all the protests deterred the intentions of men? The 5 of the six who raped Damini were worried of her death, than feeling sorry or disgust about their behavior. Similarly, after this much highlighted case, there were one gang rape and 3 other rapes reported in the National Capital Region. Does it mean that to them, all these protests, it does not even matter?

So there it is, the real culprit. Mentality.

Now why has this mentality stemmed so firm that even huge protests like the one for Patient X has not even dented the confidence of rapists or would be rapists? Less or no Education is one of the reasons often cited and it is not true in all cases. Its the way women are treated at our homes. Yes, we are and should take this accountability.

Why are boys the most loved ones? At my home too, I am loved by mother though she does not hate or love less to my lovely little sister, but probably expresses a bit more for me. But at the same time, she professed always to respect women from our childhood. She spoke to both of us as a friend and informed us about the ills of the society we are in, including rape and crimes against women. Yes, its true. I dont know, and have not heard from others if they were treated in a similar manner. If they were not, then this is the right time to make a correction and profess this to their kids.

While it may have been something I rubbed off during initial days, and recognize it as my mother’s best learning after an incident. One of my cousins while showing me emails from his inbox on viagra and subsequently offered me a job to be work as a gay massage parlor. Its not only women who are exploited. I am sure there are so many of us who have similar offers, or sexual advances made by our own cousins. Heck, there are those cases where parents are involved.

I also believe that of many reasons women or girls are seen in different light in India, one of them is the Dowry. The thought that a grown up daughter costs a fortune to marry off is such pain to a father as it is to the entire family. And seeing the family in pain and misery, others think twice before thinking to have a girl child, not think once before killing her.

Wait, there is more. Now that poor, unfortunate and unlucky Patient X has passed away, with the massive protests, is it all the more reason for parents to think thrice about having a girl child?

With less girls, more men are unmarried and they do not get to have the life of married men, including sex. As shown in the Aamir Khan show “Satyameva Jayathe”, there are already communities who are literally buying women as wives. Now, is it not also a forced, brutal rape of the woman? She is raped everyday, threatened to be sold off again pr exchanged for a new wife.

What makes these men rape?

  1. Lust
  2. Power of aides working with Political parties
  3. Assumption of Easy targets
  4. Secluded places
  5. Weak Law and Punishment
  6. and many more

Of the above, you cant do nothing about Lust. I saw and read many people calling the rapists as animals. Well if you do so be aware that, as Animals don’t force sex. They have to cajole the female so much before the female allows them have an intercourse. If there are more male than females, there is a competition of sorts and the winner in the female’s eyes get to make out. These are demons. Evil.

What should be done?

The government has to come up with a new law, new order. Pass an ordinance that all unsolved cases of rape must be tried under the newer law. The police has to tighten up their delivery of responsibilities by making themselves more approachable, their biggest flak.

More often than not, the police are hand in glove with the local politicians, goons, or both. They fear losing their job, being subjected to transfers to remote places, and try to earn back the money they paid as bribe to get the job by taking more bribe. This needs to be curbed. One reason why I appreciate Sony Television repeat telecasting the Anil Kapoor starer Nayak is because of what it shows – What a person sitting on the Chief Ministers seat is capable of doing.

And then, its our part of action and what we need to do.

  1. Encourage respect for women and men from childhood
  2. Introduce martial arts education to women, make it compulsory
  3. Do not consider differences in gender
  4. Dont demand Dowry
  5. Offer protection to women in need
  6. Do not let this rage fade out

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