Starbucks finally opening stores

After I had mentioned on my blog earlier about Starbucks coming to India, yesterday it was announced that the iconic coffee chain will be opening 50 retail outlets by the end of this year. If memory serves me right, its been more than 6 years since Starbucks started thinking of putting up their chain in India. Nonetheless, its time has come. I am more than eager to see what they have to offer. The partners this time they have are already experienced in the coffee joint business in India, the Tatas (Barista).

Tata Starbucks Ltd., a joint venture (50:50) between Tata Global Beverages Ltd. and Starbucks, will own and operate the coffee chain and would be branded as Starbucks Coffee -A Tata Alliance. Starbucks is a global leader in coffee chain business, with close to 17,000 outlets. I am not still sure about the business model that will be followed, but this influx will certainly pump up competition for enterprenurs for a franchisee of Starbucks in India. Tata will also be selling its brand of coffee named ‘Tata Tazo’ as retail via these outlets.

What needs to be seen is how this changes things for the current market leader, Cafe Coffee Day, the branded coffee chain of Amalgamated Coffee Bean Company. Its also been romured that US based coffee chain, Dunkin Donuts is coming to Indian shores as well.

Tatas are well set to bring a fresh change for Tata Global Bevergaes. Go go go…

  1. Anoop Mathai Mathew says

    It’s good news that we’d get to taste some of the best coffee from the most famous coffee sellers. But however, I hope that they keep the prices low for getting customers! Starbucks is well known and I hope that the Indian market will satisfy their needs too.

  2. Vishal says

    Starbucks earlier turned away from India due to rampant corruption in our country. However, they’ve realized that staying away from this country is detrimental to their revenues globally. Plus, who better to partner them in India than TATA?

    Coffee as a concept has not really taken off in India, except in the South. India has about 1400 registered coffee outlets cumulatively, while Starbucks has 1500 in China alone. Let’s see how they handle operations and competition here.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Hey Vishal, Thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog!

      Right, it was the rampant corruption that stopped its entry into India. Tatas are the safest partners they can go for and works well for them. Tatas already have barista experience, helps to have a partner who knows the market well. Who knows, some day Starbucks may buy CCD or it may be otherwise, but things for sure are hotting up.

  3. Deepak says

    I read that news and thanks for sharing new information…
    Tata we must be grateful to them, Satrbucks is here…Major change will be in Bollywood
    We can see our actors styling with the starbucks cups and sipping it like hollywood actors 🙂 hehe !

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Hey Deepak, thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog. I am sure things are looking good for a change.

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