Sweet lil Baby

She sleeps so cute,
As smooth as a flute,
Love to see her sleeping,
She is my baby cute,

Her glowing skin,
And her tiny chin,
Closing her eyes,
I think she is dreamin,

What i wonder,
I may never know,
But i am living my dream here,
Seeing my baby sleep,

Softly she breathes,
Brusing few strands of her hair,
I wish I could kiss,
Her lovely forehead,

I wanna be her pillow,
On my thighs she would rest,
Caress her hair,
Reassuring her of no fear,

Her face is bright in this dim light,
I see her beauty,
Damn I wish i could touch her,
In one of the coldest nights,

I wanna hug her warm,
So she can sleep at peace,
I love her charm,
Pressure to hold my love would ease,

She is beautiful,
She is gonna be mine,
I would remain forever faithful,
Today and every time,

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