Organize your "to do's" so you can get to your "I do's"

Think of Google as your one stop shop for almost everything. Well, almost… While there are so many tools we use today, there is little in the way we think that Google does. No one thinks what Google does. Lets learn to think out of the box.

Enter the portal

Screen Grab of Google Wedding
Screen Grab of Google Wedding

With the help of multiple Google products, it’s a platform that helps you organize your wedding needs and share it with your circle (read Google+) of friends. With a range of online applications like Google Sites, Picnik, Google Docs, Picasa Web Albums, you can create your wedding website and share it with your friends.

Share your wedding story on Google by easily creating a website. With readymade templates available, all you have to do is edit / add your story and viola, it’s all set up. Since Google is a platform for sharing, many web designers share their templates over this shared, open source platform.

Plan your nut and bolts to Start your Engine…

Your Google site (website) will not be complete without beautiful and artistic pictures and millions of poses of the lucky couple. Enter Google Picnik, which helps you do just that. Create your wedding invite, announcements et al in graphical and artistic way. Beats the charges you pay a web designer (unlucky me :P) as everything is for FREE! And no one stops you from being creative your way… (not even me πŸ˜› :P)

You will need a spread sheet to list down your expenses, addresses and email ids for invites, Guest hotel bookings, schedules for Bridal make up / Tuxedo or Safari suit delivery, to do list, reception menu, and everything else in between using Google Docs. With customized tools like Wedding Planner, Address Book, Guest List, Budget Planner, To – Do list, Seating Chart (not really used in India), Music List, Reception Menu, you get a everything you looking for in your marriage to be as flaw less as possible.

Share Happiness…

Share your happiness by uploading pictures of your wedding, editing it in Picnik and then later, uploading the same to your Picasa Web Albums.


What does this level of collaboration teach us? Within our work area, there are so many things that we can mash up together for increased productivity. Access to these tools is important and so is flaw less connectivity. Imagine things to create, visualize things to develop and even we can think out of the box!

  1. Nitin says

    this is nice. I guess there are some more free to use websites offering simple but useful services…

    1. Hemal Shah says

      thank you Nitin and welcome to my blog!

  2. Avada Kedavra says

    this is cool.. never knew about its existence.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      hey Avada, even I was surprised when i stumbled upon this one..

  3. Saumya says

    I didn’t know about this – thanks for the post Hemal. Maybe, I can use for smaller parties as well.

  4. Pramod says

    After a break, very useful info brought up for upcoming wedding planners this season.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      yeah Pramod! thanks for your comments πŸ™‚ Seasoned blogging in the new thing πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

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