Is that I need a lovely spark?


Chimes away and lights so dark,
Is this the way I should draw the arc,
Wandering lonely in a empty park,
Is that I need a lovely spark?

Trees blush as the breeze make a pass,
Seeing the roses that are best of the mass,
As I leave the gate that’s color of brass
Still many memories I can amass,

Flowers by the Path
Flowers by the Path

My memories keep me back at the park,
Of what I saw in the dark,
Of the chirping birds on their mark,
Waiting in wings just to embark,


Life comes to a standstill,
The breeze makes me feels the chill,
I want to go back and have my fill,
Sit with a book and my quill…

I wonder, is it my lovely spark?

All I need is to shine and sparkle,
Whatever is thrown at me, just buckle,
I don’t need to behave so fickle,
Sit calm and watch the stars twinkle…

A small poem about how to enjoy every moment of your life, lest you miss them and only have memories… btw, its original and written by me 😛


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