How do you celebrate your weekend at home?

What is your Idea of celebrating your weekend? I am so tired to think and hence looking for a few interesting answers from you. I am not interested in going out coz it makes me feel tired. I want to relax at home but being in Mumbai and having lived the fast life, you are habitual not to be doing anything at any point.

All I do is be lazy at my home, try to read something, eat, be online, munch something, pester my mom and sister, then again eat!

Some times I have tried cooking but am most of the times shoooed away from the Kitchen for creating a mess for my poor mom to clean up.

Reading books is a on-the-bed affair and my mom will keep yelling me to get out of it at least on a weekend :P.

Being online requires me to start my cooler and point it to my lappy and not at me [my lappy gets real hot when I am on it you see :)].

And its a regular affair to fight with my sister, mom and dad for the very so precious REMOTE CONTROL of the Idiot Box.

Heck, I am not in for it anymore.

So folks, what is the best things that you can do at home and still be lazy at it?

Annie’s Best Idea: Be on Bed, pretend to be ill, get all the attention and love…

  1. aashish sood says

    My idea would be to get a good novel and switch on TV/Lappy and watch FRIENDS or HIMYM!

    1. Hemal Shah says

      🙂 welcome to my blog sir..

      Good novel… hmm.. this weekend its novel time for me.. lolz

      1. aashish sood says

        🙂 I have been to your blog before too dude! BTW, how r u? how is life?

        1. Hemal Shah says

          Thats what I was wondering.. may be you used a diff email id.. else my blog wont ask me for approval for your comment.. i have set up my comments in a way were once you comment, next time it does not moderate..

          Life has got a few changes now, joined a new job so getting busier than usual 😀

  2. Avada Kedavra says

    okay my weekends are very similar to yours.. I love having lazy weekends – read books, watch TV, movies, go to the mall and watch a movie in theatre. Eat outside 🙂

    1. Hemal Shah says

      hehe.. same pinch! 😀

      well for me going out to a mall and watching a movie excites too, but being much more lazier, i think i would avoid even that and watch a movie at home even if i had seen it like nth time. 😛

  3. sid says

    what i do in weekends ????

    get up same time as weekdays. no day long sleeps.

    oh yes….i just forgot that i am father of two cute angels(just kidding). i prefer to be at home with them and do all kidas which i couldn’t do entire week.

    overall it is home sweet home.

    1. Hemal says

      Hey sid,

      thanks for the comments.. 🙂 welcome to my blog!! even i prefer to be at home, and do “kidas” too 😀 lolz

    2. Namrata says

      i prefer freak out on saturday and cleaning and rest on sunday

      1. Hemal Shah says

        Thank you for your comments Namrata.. and welcome to my blog!

  4. Annie says

    Hemal ur ideas are cool, but then yes my way is to be on bed, pretending tht u arnt keeping well, this makes u get all attention of family and royal treatment, nice food and sweet words :P….ofcourse ths hs to be done intermittently :D…then you can watch movies….you can add up to ur fone bills by cooking up stories and tlkng to friends long time…then u can screw up at cooking in kitchen….finally mom feels its better she cooks rather than she cleaning the mess you create… :D…watch some rona dhona TV soaps with family keep commenting in btwn…can patofy granny (m lucky to have her) to set right ur wadrobe….so tht it helps you find the clothes for all thru the week…else its an add on task every morning :D….last but not the least sleep long hours …..

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Lolz Annie.. pretending to be ill and getting all attention of the family sounds hilarious.. ah yea, you cant do it every weekend.. intermittently.. adding up fone bills, I can dial in and talk for free too… to that one number.. lolz..

      Be it cooking up food or stories, i am never far away from a messs 😛

      I can irritate them with my ranting on the idiot box I am sure.. confident about it..

      yea, i keep telling mom that i wished I had some grand parent who would shout and scold and then shower their sweet love on me and my kiddo sister.. and obviously, patofy and get her to do our wardrobe..

      Sleeping long hours… I am missing them badly..

      1. Annie says

        Hahaha….yeah u mess everything u take up :P…. well when it comes to cooking stories you leave ur mark (messy or masively 😉 )…… n yes sleeping for long hrs is the key to pass time lazing…u shudnt miss tht at any cost 🙂

        1. Hemal Shah says

          haha thanks for that messy compliment.. am sure i will catch up some sleep soonn.. 😀

          1. Annie says

            Hey, the best of all is to read ur blog on weekend, as i dont read newspaper, watch news or anything that keeps me posted of the world arnd me…so ur blog is the best time pass which can benefit me by updating the happenings of the week 😉 :D….awesome na…lolsssss

          2. Hemal Shah says

            Oh girl you will surely make me blog more often.. :-*

            I am sure you will be smiling now 😀 lolzzzzz

          3. Annie says

            yes 🙂

          4. Hemal Shah says

            😀 😀

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