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Create a 2D barcode for your Blog address or your website or even your Facebook page


Ever wondered how do you make your website address simpler for people to remember? Bookmarks and Visiting Cards are a thing of past. URL Shortners are sure active. There were other technologies that were developed but went hiding. The .tel domain TLD for example, was supposed to only store your vCard and Telephonic Information and domain names are very costly. But we now have a technology that will last at least for more han a decade before we have something new coming up. For lazy people like me who think twice before typing out an URL on my mobile phone, this certainly comes handy šŸ˜›

2D Bar codes

With the advent of Mobile Internet Technology, we are moving on to the next level of sharing our contacts. 2DĀ Bar codesĀ are already being used in Retail stores and on products, but with Barcode scanners /Ā readers available on mobile phones now, it has become simpler for every one to use it. The firstĀ advertisement on Paper was that I saw using the 2D Barcode was that of Tata Manza.

After I saw that, I really made me go to the url they gave, download the custom Barcode reader and after scanning the Bar code printed on the Advert, it downloaded the VideoĀ Advertisement. If they had to give, they could have easily made a bit.ly url or used any other URL Shortening service. But what it made me do was to explore this new phenomenon.

I believe this will help you create a new avenue till this technology is justĀ nascent. There are many free tools available online that help create a Bar code for your URL, VCF card, on your physical Visiting Cards etc. or for that matter, sending a secret message to your Girlfriend šŸ˜‰

2D Barcodes, as they are popularly called, can store various type of information. But they themselves come in different types andĀ QR (Quick Response) Code, as of now, the popular one. Others include:Ā Aztec Code,Ā Data Matrix etc. The future as many believe is in the High Capacity Color Barcode, however its still some years before it comes alive.

My Visiting Card with the Barcode
My Visiting Card with the Barcode

How to create your own barcode?

Best way to start off is to use Nokia’s website for creation of a Bar code (link). Thats how I started using it. šŸ™‚

To create a small bar code for your website / blog URL, visitĀ http://www.barcodelink.net/

Then download a few Barcode readers / scanners. Here is a list of sites from where you can download Barcode readers.

i-nigma – By far the best I used

Install via mobile browser:Ā http://www.i-nigma.mobi
Download to a computer and transfer it to your mobile device:Ā www.i-nigma.com


Install via mobile browser:Ā http://reader.kaywa.com

Nokia Reader

Download to a computer and transfer it to your mobile device:Ā http://mobilecodes.nokia.com/

Lynkee Reader

Install via mobile browser:Ā http://m.lynkee.com/


Install via mobile browser:Ā http://www.upcode.mobi/


You will need to register before you can download:Ā http://www.quickmark.com.tw/En/memlogin/login.asp


Install via mobile browser:Ā http://mobile.snapmaze.com/jar/


Install via mobile browser:Ā http://m.mobiletag.com/


Download to a computer and transfer it to your mobile device: www.quickmark.com.tw/En/basic/index.asp


Install via mobile browser: http://get.neoreader.com


Install via mobile browser: http://semacode.org/ota
Download to a computer and transfer it to your mobile device: http://semacode.org/software/


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  1. Avada Kedavra says

    Wow! that’s something new..never knew about it.. Barcode scanners and readers? cool..
    so what are you planning to use it for Hemal? šŸ˜‰

    1. Hemal Shah says

      hehe, Avada, I am gonna use it for putting this up on my website, my visiting card and other places where I can copy paste an image šŸ˜› lolz

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