Whats Fashion today? Brand or Quality

I never had any thing that I should be dressed up to the occasion. For me it was always that I should stand out in my own way by not displaying, but with my attitude. But when it comes to quality dressing, I prefer brands. For me, Fashion isn’t everything, but quality is. There are many instances where people have walked up to me and said, this is not going good on you or is this your best, because you look so bad.

People have affections towards a few brands and they mostly end up buying same brands. Hardly they show willingness. For some, its the brand name, for some its the quality. But there is definitely a different set of people who buy things just based on the fashion. And these days, people also tend to buy things online. As such there are so many online shops, I came across one that has a unique business model. (Thanks to IndiBlogger’s contest.)


brandmile is a members only exclusive private shopping club in India. With advantages of Insider prices on international brands, you can buy things up to 70% off retail prices, thats cheap! The membership is free but by invitation only. To get a free invitation you can click on the link below. It took me half a minute to subscribe to their membership.  The firm also organizes exclusive sales events for its members.

What makes this site special is that they offer Rs. 1100 every time your friends join and shop on the site. What it means is that you get more money to spend and even more value for the time you spend shopping.

Get a free invitation to brandmile for more fashion tips and online, member only shopping here.

Website Review

The product list is amazing and the website is very user friendly. It is clutter free and shopping wont certainly be a messy affair. The usage of graphics looks so sophisticated that I should say that I like its design the most. Truly gives it a-cult-above feeling, not like the eBay and other mass shopping site. Dressed in black and gold, the design itself speaks luxury. I felt with this site getting more popular, we will see more luxury brands coming up.

The Check out function too is very smooth where they also check whether your pin code with their logistics parters for delivery, while you are busy checking out. You can either pay on delivery or by online payment with your Credit / Debit Card and Net Banking account. The payment is processed with CCAvenues, a very trusted and India’s leading checkout processing company so its very secure to transact.

This article is written as a nomination entry to brandmile “bad fashion days” contest and has been selected for the Rs. 500 gift Voucher at Brandmile. Thanks to IndiBlogger and Brandmile. 🙂 though I would have liked it more to have won the 16GB iPad that went to the winner.

  1. Deepak says

    Hey Partner….

    gud description…

    1. Hemal Shah says

      thank you partner

  2. pramod says

    very well highlighted. nice way of penning down.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thank you Promod…

  3. Avada Kedavra says

    okay will go ahead and vote for you.. btw even I prefer certain brands all the time 🙂

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thanks Avada…

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