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Sugar Cane Juice – the old way

Sugar Cane Machine
Sugar Cane Machine

Yesterday as I was walking in Vashi on the way to meet a friend. While on the way I saw this machine, now obviously surprised since I hadnt seen this before. This machine is manually operated, with more than 95% of the machine being wood. The center peice crushes the Canes inbetween and extracts the juice when the axle is rotated. Infact, this is a complete retro way of making the juice, with the machine on wooden weels too.

They were selling Sugar Cane juice which, in that area was a boon for me as it was very humid day with no other shops in the area to quench my thirst. I had one glass of it and I should tell you that it was the best Sugercane juice I had ever had in Mumbai. In many places, especially in Dombivali where I reside, there are around 7 of them as I remember and I had been at each of the shops. All these shops use the latest crushers which are a operated by an Electric motors.

I was able to relate the taste to my childhood days when during the month of December, a mela used to be set up in my home town Alleppey, Kerala. We all used to flock there and buy pop-corn and black sugar canes and eat it rather than squeeze it and drink the juice.

I interacted with the Husband wife duo whom willfully posed for this pic. They say its a tedious job but love doing it as it is their traditon. They said you can find these kind of machines in their naitive, near Allahabad. For Rs. 7 a Glass, this was certainly the best Sugar Cane Juice I have ever had.

I dont know if it was the cane that was sweeter or the way it was processed. But one thing is for sure, somethings taste best when we do it the old way 🙂

Sugar Cane Juice Machine
Sugar Cane Juice Machine

Update: I showed this pic to my mom and she too had never seen this machine. So it seems this ones pretty old way of making but got eclipsed after the invasion of the motors

  1. Rahul Nagda says

    Hi Hemal, ya its true. This machines are rare in mumbai. But if you visit the interiors of our state u will still find them. Also u can see this type of machines operated by bullock’s while visiting shirdi – shani shingnapur side by the roads.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      I came to know about it dude, thanks for the info though..

      1. Rahul Nagda says

        U r always welcome.

  2. pramod says

    great way of presentation. I too got the taste of it seeing the machine only. excellent.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      🙂 that was awesome pramod… thank you for your comments…

  3. Lakshmi Rajan says

    😮 never seen anything like this before for sugar cane juice processing. Looks vintage and exotic, I bet the juice must be too!

    1. Hemz says

      Welcome to my Blog Lakshmi.. yes dude, i reckon the taste to be exotic 🙂

      Vintage, yes yes yes… the very reason why this pic finds a place in my blog 🙂

      have heard from lot others that this piece of machinery is visible in the areas of Maharashtra, prominently around Nashik and Aurangabad.

  4. mayank sharma says

    Interestin piece of machinery indeed .. Must surely be better thn the modern non-traditional ones.

    1. Hemz says

      yes for sure Mayank. they are indeed interesting piece of machinery. thanks for the visit 🙂

  5. Avada Kedavra says

    Ahh I have never seen that machine before.. really interesting how they process it.. I have seen the other usual kind of machine they use which is made of metal.. I am sure it would have tasted better just because of the traditional way of preparing it 🙂

    1. Hemal says

      Thank you Avada!

      Yes these machines are not to be seen too frequently. And yes it tasted much better than the machine made ones. 🙂

  6. nalini hebbar says

    They are still to be found!!!

    1. Hemz says

      Yes!!! there are many around and we still can see these 🙂 its our legacy that we still can find these plying along the latest electronic avatars of humble machines… But as I said, somethings taste better old way and this is one of them 🙂

  7. S.R.Ayyangar says

    I have seen much bigger than this in villages during 50s to extract cane juice to prepare jaggery and the wood log in the pic on which a person is resting his hand used to be driven by a set of cows.

    1. Hemz says

      Wow! so we have someone who has seen it.. very true Mr. Ayyangar.. these were used in the past for sure, but what surprised me was the usage during this period of century 🙂

      Thanks for the comments 🙂

  8. Annie says

    Wow nice, wud love to taste this sugarcane and see this machine, well since its in vashi i can have a look at it very soon..
    but telme why u say its the best i guess has to be the sweetest 😉 and yes Hemal even m glad to see a post of urs aft ages 🙂

    1. Hemz says

      There are things which can be termed sweetest and someone made me realize that in the morning, so changed it 😉

      For sure you know what I am talking about… lol…

      and ya, thanks for being glad 😛 i wanted you to… 🙂 🙂

      1. Annie says

        Well i dint get what u said, but i know if u say there has to be something really sweet for u than that sugarcane 🙂
        Anyway always keep ur site posted 🙂

        1. Hemz says

          will call you and tell you whats more sweeter than that 😉

          and yeah i know you still got what i said, but would love to tell you that over again 🙂 🙂

  9. Mohan says

    nostalgia… the taste must have come from both the cane and the way it is prepared 🙂 I have a similar photo for a sweet lime being prepared on the road side. let me push it sometime soon.

    btw., glad that you made a post for the month of october alas!!!

    1. Hemal says

      awww! Mohan, that was a pun 😛 Yep, I finally found something worth to blog about 😉 and I am glad.

      Yes true. What surpirsed me was that my mom too had never seen this machine. So it seems this ones pretty old way of making but got eclipsed after the invation of the motors 😛

      Push that sweet lime pic soon on your blog.

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