Nano ruckus has impacted Tata brand positively

Tata Motor's Nano is small car with 600 CC engine, and is billed as the most affordable car in the world

I came across this title in today’s DNA Money. Certainly interesting, because it says a lot about how negatively positive comment that is… DNA quoted Morgan Witzel as saying this.

Morgan Witzel is the author of the book Tata – The Evolution of a Corporate Brand.

We all know what the Brand Tata stands for all of us. Trust and Reliability. The author explores the Tata brand evolution and to what is today. It would be an interesting read if you are a Tata loyalist.

Some of the striking facts too are revealed, including the usage and application of Brand. I am looking forward to read his book, soon may be and will pick it up from a Tata store (Landmark) too 😉

The reason why I am posting it here is because of my keen interest in Tata group and its ideologies. If you are a regular at my blog, you will have already noticed that, and not to mention the posts that I have made on Nano…

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  1. Dhiraj says

    I too am fan of Brand TATA..will pick the book up sometime

    1. Hemz says

      Thanks your Dhiraj for visiting my blog. Sure it would be a good read.. and as I said, you can even pick up from a Tata Store…

  2. Avada Kedavra says

    Looks like an interesting book.. though I dont fancy Tata much, it will be a good read for sure..

    1. Hemz says

      well of course not everyone likes it 😛
      do read through the book! it also helps you understand how much struggle it takes to maintain a name.. very much applicable to real life..

  3. Johnny Laird says

    Thanks for passing by on my blog and leaving your comment.

    I appreciate the feedback.


    1. Hemz says

      Thanks Johnny..

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