A for Elephant and B for Dog – Remembering Navin Mama

This is what an uncle in my home town used to tease me. Knowingly that I get irritated and walk to him and teach him that he was wrong. My 4 year old mind never realized it then that he wanted me to come close to him and play with him…

He was not a relative, but someone who maintained a relationship that went beyond the designation of a relative.

I always argued with him and he loved it. Slowly we turned close and were enjoying eachother’s company. He knew that I liked candies as against Chocolate or any of the Cadburies. When he saw me for the first time, it was during the navaratri festival we used to celebrate in Kerala. I was running here and there and he found me really cute. He picked me up and was looking for my mother. No to hand me over, but to ask whether “can I take him with me forever”.

Such was the affection that I shared with Navin Mama that today I am in deep pain, because he is no longer with us.

He always was fond of children and loved all children in our locality and elsewhere, but for me he was a special person. I pray to god that he rest in peace. Love you mama.

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  1. suraj says

    Even I wil pray for Navin Mama!

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