Linguistic Divide

Its been some years now that we are facing this linguistic divide. Tamil Nadu being the first state to give its regional language more importance than the National Language. This still consider that Tamil should have been India’s national language as against Hindi.

However atleast in the name of their language, they had not beaten anyone who reside in their state. Their obsession was only with their language being recognized than not accepting people who dont know the language.

A similar but deadly event similar to this one is what Mumbai is facing now for some 20 years. The son – of – the soil funda is just getting wee bit over. The fact that two sicons of one family are now fighting for the same people from different parties makes things complex. Its very risky to step out today knowing that Rahul Gandhi is visiting Mumbai and he is threatened by Shiv Sainiks goons. The Sainiks & MNS goons have much more control over the Mumbai than even Mumbai Police.

Lets just hope that day passes calm.

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