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Painfully Sweet Memories


I have been out of Blogging for a high time now and hope to start blogging regularly again.

What prompted me to write this blog today has a lot to do with relationships that I have shared with a few, but very important individuals in my life. Some spent time together with me because I was a close friend, some did that because I was a bit more than their best friends.

But it often happens that the people we tend to miss a lot give you more of that opportunity. And today was one such day that I missed a very special friend. Of course I will not be able to name them, and you may not even know that person. When friendship gets real close, you get used to being with that person and when he/she moves away, you miss them a lot. Even if you are still in touch, a change in that relationship is always gonna hurt you more.

This hurt is also sweet. By Sweet, I mean to say that you enjoy thinking about those memories that make you happy and wish he/she were still there with you. I dont know if you understand my feelings, because I am not really clear what should I reveal and what should not since the other person should not really read this.

Put your two cents of thought as Comments on this post.

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  1. Animesh says

    Losing someone close is a pain which cannot be cured. The feeling, the burnt is non-replaceable. Its even worse when the relationship comes to a standstill.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      True dude, some times you dont have answers to what life throws at you, the best you can do is, to live that moment.

  2. Annie says

    Yes hemal the hurt would be always sweet coz that reminds the beautiful times that one can cherish forever, everything can be taken away but the time spent and the moments lived always stay in our memories, no one can erase that. Life may be harsh when the closest relationship seems to be the farthest, but those times can be relived in memories, which for a lifetime remains fresh

    1. Hemal says

      Hey Annie, yes its true that those memories that will last forever and no one can help but live the pain. Life is uncertain, I have come to know where you never get what you wished for. These memories will live forever, coz its the most lovely and painfully sweet. You can’t but keep thinking about it the whole life. And for some, these memories become the only reason to be alive.

  3. aarzoo says

    Hemz could’nt stop myself from commenting on this post as i understand how painful it is to let go ur friend whoz ur soulmate..I’am going through the same pain n still pretending it hardly matters hiding my emotions..It is really really painful..n ur thoughts just touched a raw chord..:(

    Bless you and keep smiling n keep plodding who knows u may get one more sweet friend..:)

    1. Hemz says

      Hey Aarzoo, I am sorry to hear that. The pain often comes to those who cant live with the fact and we all are really mortals. The day I blogged this, I was missing some one who was very dear to me. But then its life and we have to move on.

      And yes, I would need everyone’s blessings in inviting a beautiful person in my life.

  4. sm says

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