A Noble prize for Filth

Well, this isnt what the Noble prize committee saying… but our own Environment Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh’s words.

He is right when he says that our municipality do not have proper mechanism for cleaning the garbage left behind by the citizens. Now how does that explain the efficiency?

I have a slightly different opinion on this.

Its people should also contribute by following proper disposal ways. Indians have a habit of taking things for granted. We all do throw things out in open and then we claim that the municipality isn’t doing its work. Secondly, there is no one who will stand infront of the municipality and question their work.

The babus have so much become accustomed with taking bribes, that for everything, they need something. Without which, your work request will keep lagging. I have heard so many stories, which makes me not to even approach anyone.

  1. sm says

    we will get the Nobel regarding waste throwing.

  2. Varsha says

    People in our country have become used to simply sitting and blaming the govt for each and everything. We need to come out of our comfort zones and take it on ourselves to bring about a change.

    1. Hemz says

      I agree with you Varsha… there are things in our hand, but we often ignore them because we have someone to blame for. Hope this changes…

  3. Soumyaranjan Dash says

    Nice post! When will this BabuRaj abolish? And, who’ll do this?

    1. Hemz says

      When will this finish, no body knows. And I am sure this will never be. But there are steps each of us can take and make sure we dont go and bribe.

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