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I havent been getting time to blog of late owing to my concentration being diverted to social networking big time, but this is a very important step the Govt. is taking and I was lured to write on this one, albeit getting late to office.

The Drugs Technical Advisory Board is likely to do a risk assessment of 12 drugs that are banned globally, but are still on sale in India. If you remember, there were chain mails that were circulated spreading awareness about certain drugs that are still being sold in India thought some of them are carcinogens.

Though this does not ensure that these will be banned. Indian political systems works for the companies rather than for the Citizens which might be a reason that these drugs are still on sale in India.

The DNA Mumbai daily newspaper has reported the list of all drugs that are banned globally.

Novalgin, Baralgan (Aventis), Nise (Dr. Reddy’s), Nimulid (Panacea), D’Cold and Vicks Action 500 etc are the prominent ones. Furoxone (Glaxo) and Lomofen (RPG) are the carcinogens.

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  1. suraj says

    THat’s really true, Sir. Still these are on sale in some of the prominent regions. It’s really important to raise awareness among the citizens itself.

    I hope that you will get success i this matter.

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