Rain gods back in Business

After my visit to Kerala last month, I was finally able to see those temperatures come down here in Mumbai. The mercury has certainly come down on the scale. I just love the fact that even at home, I no longer sweat like anything which was the case earlier. It so felt like it rained for the first time. The aroma of sand kicks my brains which suddenly goes back to the time I spent in Kerala. Its a welcome move by Rain gods. The Thunder and Lightening are just amazing to listen and see. Hope this continues for a week which will hope fully cool down the humid and hot environment.

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  1. tanvi says

    somehow sounds similar to my recent post. and yes i know i have not been blogging but its just that i am working mother of a 2 year old!so u can understand 🙂 hw have u been?

  2. Hemal says

    yep totally agreed .. i wish it rains like cherrapunji throughout the year.. but hope 26/7 does not come due our municipal and public mess again .. and now guess the they have already a 30 pc. cut .. i wonder by april it will be 50 – 80 pc cut .. this is a test for the human race .. and the answer lies in the future.

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