The Pak is playing games

This is a topic that is often discussed and its of national importance. But I dont see a reason why Pakistan is acting crazy? Its not undertaking trails of those accused of the 26/11 attacks and is still waiting for evidence from the Indian Government. Is Pakistan’s national leaders not competent enough to lead the nation? These all are the questions that needs to addressed by the Global powers. The US gives millions of dollars as aid for what? To give Pakistan a chance to update its Nuclear power. Or is the US is really acting stupid along with Pakistan and fooling around about their honey moon. India is emerging as a Global Super Power and may be that is where the Americans are finding it difficult to come to terms. Hope it comes, may be in S

  1. Hemal says

    Its always been our view how ever we, the general public are not aware of the ground realities.

  2. jj says

    What makes you think that people who actually planned the attack will listen to Indian requests ? Pakistani govt is hand in glove with those terrorists

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