Work and Work – Why is it difficult to work?

Why is it difficult to work after some period when you have less or no work? I am wondering…

For last two weeks, me and my team mates have been under tremendous pressure and the work only keeps mounting. So I was wondering that if we get rusted a bit with little or no work, and all of a sudden you get hell a lot of work, how should you handle this?

A. Don’t Panic.

B. Just work

That is what we did. We did panic in initial two days, but then on we were able to handle things pretty well. Its just a phase and probably, we just got suprised.

Work that we used to do quickly was taking now a lot of time. A bit of here and there happened and finally, the dust setteled. That also explains why I have not been blogging of late.

So what do you think about this article?

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