Loosing my first phone

If I had a Samsung Guru, I might have been able to trace the person who stole it! But no, I had a Motorola V3 Razor.

Worst of all, it got stolen in office environment. And since there is no other way to trace it than getting phone disable it using its IMEI Number. I use three phones and I carry them daily. I never had lost one till date even though I travel in trains carrying them. But I lost it at a palce where I believed to be the safest place.

Sob Sob!

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  1. Hemz says


    I tried my best to figure out if he/she has been caught on Camera or Phone tap but neither did help.

    Its gone and once its gone, we dont get that back!

  2. Avada Kedavra says

    Hey sorry to hear that.. but even I had lost my first phone at my workplace.. I couldnt figure out who stole it.. 🙁

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