Sensex prediction: August and September 2009

BSE Sensex money matters

After an unintended performance and scare rain falls you ofcourse can’t expect a blockbuster from markets. But the story lies elsewhere. With some of the economies around the world recovering a wee little bit, expect a slight jump in FII investment. After the reports that the tax heaven Cayman islands based hedge funds may get an easier entry to trade in India, things may just slightly pull up from here. Expect a pull back to 15,500 levels in the initial period how ever the end result will be around a sub 15k levels as it is today. The ideal level to trade at would be 14,600 if the present market continues its downward rally. Place some risks in auto sector, pharma and infrastructre. There may pay off by a small profit if exits are possible at 15k levels.

  1. Sucharita Sarkar says

    Hi Hemal, Thanks for visiting and reviewing my blog. Your blog is very useful, especially for economically-challenged people like me. Thanx for the Sensex forecast!

    1. Hemz says

      Welcome 😀

      I hope to cover a lot more topics and make that easy to understand, but will have to get a VRS for that 😛 LOL

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