Tata Docomo launched in Mumbai

Tata Docomo will launch their GSM Services in Mumbai today. The plan details are sketchy at the moment, but expect the one second billing to be re – introduced in Mumbai. Re – introduced, because erstwhile BPL had launched India’s first one second billing pulse rates in Mumbai in 2005.

Key to Tata Docomo’s success will be its network. While no reports about their Mumbai network have come up yet, any Mumbaikar will only buy Tata Docomo if their network is strong. Mumbai is a very interesting market with a huge dynamic environment. With Tata Docomo coming in, Mumbai has now 10 telecom service providers. The list of service providers is as follows.

Vodafone, Airtel, Loop, MTNL, Reliance GSM, Aircel, Idea Cellular. In CDMA, Reliance CDMA, Tata Indicom, Virgin (Serviced by Tata Indicom),

  1. rahul says

    reliance cdma services are better wn it ocmes to network coverage…even tata docomo has a great network coverage..diet sms is a gr8 feature..so one can opt for any of them…

    1. Hemz says

      thanks mate for your comment… the only thing i am worried about is their network.

  2. makrand says

    no it wnt cost you more..in the diet sms its
    maximum 15 character u cn use..n per character 1p so if you msg ‘hw r u?’ u will b charged 5 paisa n othr service provider will charge you 1rs evn for a short msg..

    1. Hemz says

      Oh! that is great! Tata Docomo knows how to stirr things up! A lot of new things.. I am simbly amazed!

  3. makrand says

    that wat made me take this product wit tata name @ first..n its overall a gud service..the netwrk,clarity of the voice everythin is perfect..yes thr customer care needs improvement..i was amzed with thr new diet sms plan..per paisa per charcter offer..quite interesting…

    1. Hemal says

      I agree with you Makrand, perhaps we all Indians certainly make a connect with the Tata Brand. The Diet SMS plan is something new for me. But if its 1 paise per Character, then its gonna cost more right? Instead of 50ps local sms, it would cost Rs. 1.60 for a 160 Character message.

  4. Hemz says

    Thanks Tata Docomo! I some how am able to relate Babu’s experience with some of other things I have heard from others about Tata Docomo.

    This is I guess is an outcome of an Early network implementation.

    I noticed the same thing with Aircel in Mumbai. Though they had a Grand Launch, their Services were not upto the mark.

    I hope that being a Tata Brand service, we should get a Peace of Mind Connection. Hope this message is taken Seriously.

    P.S. I really want to wait for some time before I come up with Tata Docomo review. Only reason being my affection to Tata as a Brand.

  5. TATA DOCOMO says

    Dear Babu,

    We are really sorry that you had the problems that you mentioned. Problems can happen even with TATA DOCOMO. However, we are committed to solve any user problem should they occur. If you can mail your number to social [at] tatadocomomarketing.com we can assure you a prompt response and remedy.
    Running a mobile service (specially when one starts up) can have issues, we can screw up at times, but do grant it to us that as a Tata company our philosophy is always customer interest first. Also grant it to us that we are here and on twitter and at many places talking to you guys and trying our best to solve your problems.

    Thank you

  6. Babu says

    Ref # NWK09044015 / NWK09024853 / NWK09016787

    Tata Docomo – a SAD Story at Hyderabad

    9030408396 this # I purchased on July 19th 2009. The same day I discontinued my BSNL service (which was OK). Big mistake!!

    Tata Docomo – a SAD Story at Hyderabad

    Tata Docomo – Is “Saste ka maal raste pe” “Raste ka maal saste mai”

    Tata Docomo – Is a “sadak chaap company”

    Tata Docomo team = “Bunch of losers”

    Why am I saying this. My part of the story as follows:

    1) Total top-up / recharge rs 100 (rs 50×2). Balance after over 1 month rs 23.
    Why? Unable to make any out going calls. “Network busy” not a single
    call gets connected let alone Land line or mobiles even 121 does not connect.

    2) If by chance the call gets connected it drops in 10 to 20 sec.

    3) Sometimes I am lucky, the call gets connected and in the middle of the call I get call charges message / balance message.

    4) 9030012345 Tata Docomo CC # cannot get connected using Reliance mobile.

    5) Tried calling 9030000121. Mobile switched off.

    All in all Tata Docomo is in a very very bad experience.

    My suggestion to all out there, do not get carried away with 1p / per sec.
    Its pure BS. As it makes no sense when one cannot make any out going calls.

    I have lost all hopes on this company.
    God bless Tata Docomo customers!!


    Babu Tunk

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