Micheal is Back!

Following the dreadfull accident of Filepe Massa last weekend, and no possibility of him returning to race this reason, Ferrari were left with no credible option than to approach the 7 time world champion to race for them. This is a great news since I always believed that Micheal left Formula1 business unfinished, especially since his last race where he finished his race with a punctured tire. Hope he gets atleast some podiums this season and a win will be like icing on the cake.

  1. Avanti says

    OMG!! I am a huge fan of Michael too! And I was thrilled on his proposed return so that I could watch him race live!(one of my life’s unfulfilled wishes!) But alas! His comeback was not to be… his neck has been giving him trouble. Nevertheless, Michael is truly one of the greatest (even with all his flaws) and I am glad to have witnessed the progress of his brilliant career (watched him race for 7 years!)

    1. Hemz says

      Hey Avanti, thanks for visiting. Even I got sad when I heard that Micheal will not race! Neck was likely to create problems but Schui was confident that he can come through it.

      Lets see if Ferrari approach Fernando Alonso or their reserver test driver to race for them at the coming grand prix.

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