The War of Boards

As you might know, there are various types of Boards which your school and colleges might be affiliated to. So when Maharashtra Government decided to put a Quota for SSC students who come from State Boards, it was pretty much obvious that the parents of students who studied in CBSE and ICSE are now knocking the court room doors. The swap ratio is not acceptable which as of now stands at 90:10. Funny as it might sound, but those students who belong to CBSE and ICSE who had scored 90% looking for decent college seats may not bag them at all.

From one point of view, this is also the right thing to do. Why not CBSE and ICSE have their own 11th and 12th? Though students who belong to these Boards are not much in numbers, they always end up taking the creamy seats and some others. That leads to a blank hole for the colleges by some thousands in numbers.

State board students are 2.7 lacks. Now that is where it sounds problematic. State Boards students are no less than CBSE, but these students pass through a good bad time, starting from the schools to examination and invigilating officers may put scores to their mood.

I accept this change! Hope this brings in more challenges.

So what do you think about this article?

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