Finger Prints? Sorry, excuse me!

Now your friendly neighborhood cyber cafe wala will ask you to give your finger print before you can sit on the machine and start browsing. That is if Mumbai Police had its way.

Mumbai police recently had proposed that we should make it mandatory for everyone who is visiting a Cyber Cafe to have their finger print submitted. This recommendation has come up after series of cyber crime that is happening out of these cyber cafes.

Will you be comfortable with that? I guess no. Not for me. If I ever wanted to access internet over the public domain, I would not do so just because I have to share my finger print. I would rather go to a friend’s place or reach home to have my internet connected.

What this move will do is to close the cyber cafes and a boom for ISPs and Computer dealers in these gloom times. People will prefer to spend money and use it for a net connection rather have their finger prints scanned.

What is the guarantee that this will be foolproof? People can also steal my finger print! Why the hell should I leave my identity at risk?

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  1. Grayquill says

    Freedom is precious, we loose it little by little. Certain banks have been doing that but it is not the goverment requiring it.
    How about cameras at traffic intersections. Local cities have found it to be a great income stream. Follow the money

  2. Apurva says

    Wow–that is taking it to the far side of safety…doubt that stays as a long term policy

  3. Kido says

    I completely agree with you…

    I wish keeping a tab on cyber crime would be this easy!!!

    Anyway, have a great weekend 🙂

  4. sm says

    i agree with you hemal.
    I dont think cybercafe owners will allow them to pass this type of law.

    1. Hemz says

      @sm Cafe owners are already protesting

      @Kido yeah, had a great weekend. got stuck in train due to rains ;-P

      @Apurva it will not since the cyber cafe owners want Mumbai Police to remove unauthorized cafes first.

      @Gray thanks for the visit.

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