Been to Ahmedabad! Plenty of time out of work

Going to a friends marriage was the reason that I was looking for skipping my office as I was tired big time. Wanted to get fresh and stay away from everything. But once back in office, its the same life. Stuck, I say.

So what I have here is a few pics I had taken from Ahmedabad trip. I took my camera out only when we visited the Science City there. Some of my favorites.

I have update some of the videos I had taken on the My Videos page at

Update: The images were deleted following a server virus attack on the website. I am sorry 🙁

  1. Abhijeet Bhatia says

    please tell me how to activate the live feed on my blog.

  2. Abhijeet Bhatia says

    Hey thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I am a doctor and was in antarctica as the team doc of the indian expedition.
    I know my blog has a simple look. but that is a deliberate attempt to keep out the trash and instead work on improving the content of the blog. I hope it works.
    Keep coming

    1. Hemz says

      sure doc. will keep visiting your blog! and I just could not agree more with the look of your blog. perfect blend.

  3. Sheba says

    What was this place where you took all these pictures?You went to a science museum while on vacation? 🙂

    1. Hemz says

      yes Sheba, its is a place called Science City. There are pretty much more than what I have captured and nearly 70% is complete. rest is under construction. the moment you enter Ahmedabad city, its all over the roads. Sign boards telling you that you are away from this place by so so kms. so i wanted to visit this place! i am science lover, you know! It was nt a vaccation, took two days leave from office for a friends wedding!

  4. Haresh says

    I’m just another person in broad-sense and an MBA student in one of the worldly senses 😀

    Maybe you’d like to add me on GTalk.

  5. Miss Kido says

    Goodness!!! The cloud outline is brilliant!!! 🙂

    Nice template 🙂 Fine blend of colours…

    1. Hemz says

      Actually Miss Kido! I just loved it. Dont know when can I see that again!!!

      Thanks for the visit. Love Black, you know.

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