A new toolbar!

Hey folks, I have got myself a new toolbar. If you want to see it, just download one here…

It is just an Alpha release I will update it as and when I find time to work on it. In the mean while, please do let me know if you like to suggest some changes or additions. I would like if you use it.

You can set your location to get the weather updates in your area, you can search from the search bar, user links to get back to my blog etc. and RSS feeds from Hemal Shah’s Indianomics.

More to come!

File Size:

Firefox: 614 KB
IE: 1.5 MB

  1. prashantn says

    A lot of gadgets are visible on your blog, this shows, that you are spending a lot of time, cheers

    Do visit my blog

    feedback welcome,
    hope to see more interesting posts in your blog
    nprashant, Hyderabad, india

  2. sm says

    yes latter i may download it normally i dont use any toolbars .

  3. Blog Gore says

    Cool Hemal.. I will play around with it… Cheers

  4. Zakir says

    Nice Blog. Congrats.

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