Its my favorite team in Finals: I just love the moment

Having been considered as this year’s back benchers, Royal Challengers pulled up their socks and now are in the finals of the second edition of IPL.

To be frank, I lost interest when they were on the waining way in the initial days and was not eager to watch the IPL matchs. When the news started ringing that they can be in the Semi’s is when I got on!

Say the Mallya affect. I am a fan. I love both of his teams, my first love being the Formula 1. It was a double kick for me as the Challengers made it to finals in what is now an all South India final and Force India F1 breaking in their Q2 for the first time after being brought over by Vijay and Mol family.

Last year at Monaco, Adrian Sutil was running for a possible 4th finish on his Force India F1 car when the Ferrari champion Kimi hit him from behind puncturing his tyre at the same time braking the rear suspension after he lost control on the Ferrari 2008 F1 car. I still remember the commentator saying that “Last thing Kimi now needs is to loose his control and hit, he should not put his car on high” and bang, the next minute he did just that!!!

And since its Adrian’s favorite race, I pray no body looses control on his car so that some one does not loose a hard earned, dream position.

  1. Blog Gore says

    You must be upset now Hemal… I am too.. wanted BRC to win… must say they pullout out a defeat from the jaws of victory…

  2. puresunshine says

    I love Mallya;s team! At Monaco both Fisichella and Sutil have done well. we cud have just scored a point! Its sad both RCB and Force India narrowly missed out!

  3. Ramya says

    I LOVE Mallya too. And that money of his! He’s charming even at his old age. Paise ki sundarta u see! But, I didnt see that in his son!
    I am not following IPL. Today’s finals is the only match I am going to see. Even I hope that Royal Challengers win!

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