Skribit Suggestion: Tata Nano and my Opinion

Tata Motor's Nano is small car with 600 CC engine, and is billed as the most affordable car in the world

Well, one of my readers suggested on the Skribit Widget that I write more about Tata Nano and my Opinion. So, here you go.

Tata Nano, as I see is a revolution. It may not be a revolution in looks and design, but it is a revolution in the way cars can be cost manufactured. Yes, the quality of Tata Nano is not to compared to a Mercedes – Benz. Nano gives you the comfort of more than a Scooter. But what I feel is that Nano was never to be compared to a Scooter. It is after all a 800 beater.

Tata Nano is more important to Tata as it can compete right into the war chest of Maruti. Nano offers more space, if far more comfortable than Maruti 800 / Maruti Alto.

I have had written posts on Tata Nano from the moment it was announced that it is ready for launch. If you ask me on which car would I put my money on, I would love to put on Tata Nano. There are few reasons why I would do so.

  1. Its a status symbol for me. Yes, you read it right. Tata Nano would be a Status Symbol. Imagine when I go out in a Nano, people will stare at it. Tata Nano is so well advertised, you know.
  2. Nano will give me 21 KMPL of Fuel efficiency.
  3. Nano is small, hence it will be very easy to park it in congested areas.
  4. Nano gives the highest head room.

Plus you have Nano Accessories that you can use to customize your Nano.

But, you cannot ignore the competition. Bajaj car is still a good one or two year away.

  1. shah sanjeev surendra kumar says

    please launch automatic tata nano car. it will increase your sales.

  2. Yeshwant Kaushik says

    I m waiting to ride on Tata Nano, thank u for your opinion in favour of Nano.

  3. Sreekanth says

    I would wait for the second generation nano to put my money – if the recession tides by and leaves me some. Indica v2 was a more refined car , will play it safe 🙂 . With not even a test ride – thats reasonable.

  4. Aswani says

    Hello, many thanks for dropping by my blog. really appreciated. great blog you have here. nice post too. Well, I agree with what you said about Nano. Its small and stylish. Plus offers convenience under Indian conditions. looks worth buying 🙂

    1. Hemz says

      Thanks Aswani… yes, it looks like a good buy as far as Indian market is concerned.

  5. Choco says

    Interesting facts on the Nano. But you have not mentioned safety features…

    1. Hemz says

      Will update when I see it at the showroom… thanks for writing in

  6. sm says

    yes i agree with you hemal .

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