Polycap: A Little Wonder Pill to reduce the risk of heart disease

Polycap: A Little Wonder Pill to reduce the risk of heart disease

A good news coming in from the Research and Development efforts of Banglore based St John’s Medical College and Research Institute. Polycap, a combination of five drugs to reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 50%.

The combination of five drugs this capsule has are blood pressure lowering drugs, a statin (drug to lower Cholesterol and aspirin (to reduce stickiness of blood). Healthy individuals between the age group of 45 and 80, with one risk factor of cardio-vascular disease, were compared with Polycap to eight other pharmacological therapies.

This drug is waiting for approval, and once the approval comes by it will be available in the market. What it is not sure is that how much will it practically be helpful in life saving circumstances.

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  1. Ripudaman Singh says

    Before the study is made public, one should have asked the principle investigation authorities to answer few question which are missing in the study and like all Indian researches created doubt. # how many deaths occurred while under trail. # how many drop outs in the study for want of any factor. # does doctors were not using these drugs before the magic pill. # any cross check of subjects studied for their reliability – does they in actual exists. # How much money paid to the subjects who offered their living body to trail. # any amount insured for donating living body for study and does that amount paid to dead if any. # Why the public institutions are less in number to private institutions offering study. The data is missing from the tables of the published study and enforce any researcher to think a hypothetical study.

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