The new INR 10 Coin

The new INR 10 Coin

I remember last time using a 10 INR Coin was when I was in 6th standard and had stolen from my mom’s coin collection. Well, I was a bit mischievous. Never mind.

Now you can get hands on one yourself. RBI has announced the launch of new Rs. 10 Coin and ironically, this time it is a bimetallic Coin. The first bimetalic coin after a long time.

As the introduction of coins of denominations (of Re.1, Rs. 2, Rs.5) the notes of the subsequent denominations gradually vanish from the market and coins become the numero uno exchanger. Hence, similar effect is expected that Rs. 1o note will be phased out slowly.

The coin really looks beautiful and it is designed by NID, Ahmedabad. But there is a visible cut that makes it a little less flawless. Hence, people might have mixed reactions on the dezign front. The metals used are a mixture of Nickel & Bronze for the golden side, and Ferrous steel in the inside.

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  1. Prasadkblr says

    Yup, recently i got two ten rupee coin from SBI as change and i have those with me it looks good . . its launched by RBI in 2008 . . . because of two metals cut separation the digit looks like 2006 ……

  2. Neo says

    I dont think so this is a real pic… they show 2006 as year in the coin… How come???

    1. Hemz says

      Well looks can be deciptive, isnt it. The year is looking like 2006 in this image bcoz of the cut on the numeric 8. The year written on the coin is year 2008.

  3. Saurabh says

    Super Stuff..!!

  4. Reva says

    First of all I am away from India so it is blogs like yours that bring my attention to such things!!! Man!! 10 rs. coin? brilliant!! I still remember they had come up with a new cpin in 2008 (forgot the denomination) and my friend who had just come to america showed me and the feeling was fab!!!

    1. Hemz says

      i am happy that this blog is able to provide info to people not in India… yes, the Mint has been busy last year and with new Re. 1, Rs.2 and Rs.5 coins launched last year. There were some in controversy for their layout and difference in size as opposed to the previous ones…

  5. sm says

    very nice pic of ten rupee coin
    like it

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