Mumbai overheats as temp touches 40°C

Mumbai Overheats As Temp Touches 40°C

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As such the summer is so undesireable in Mumbai, and to have temperatures break the roof is like hit on the face and at the back at the same time. On Wednesday, the maximum daytime temperature recorded was a maximum of 40.6°C.

It is too bad thing for me. I am sweaty person and it falls like Rivers and Waterfalls from my body. When I try to sleep in the night, it is all over my body. Since the whole day is spent in the comfort of Central A/c in office, when you come home you cannot possible bear the heat.

“But this is not unusual for summer. March too saw days when the daytime temperature rose up to 40C in the city, if April is so hot, how terrible will May be?” “The direction of the wind is the major factor which decides the level of heat the city experiences. North-westerly and westerly winds coming in from the sea — termed sea breeze — reduce the temperature, while hot northern or north-easterly winds blowing in from the interiors raise it,” said a weather expert as reported on DNA Mumbai.

I have made up my mind to buy a Air Cooler instead of A/C since it is cheaper, dont have to digg in the wall and runs more economically than an AC (read Green). The important thing is that you have to feel the cool air it is throwing at you. Since I an net junkie, I searched on the Internet, only to find a few products where reviews are exactly opposite. Some say this is the best, some say the worst. Same model, different reivews may be confusing.

So, I think for this decision to take I would need to see it live and in working condition. But durability and reliability cannot be judged in a single visit. Slew of Local ones and Branded Air Coolers are available, price acts as a differentiator in most cases. Neither of them offer you complete gurantee (as reviews on internet say) on the lifetime, some say it works only for 10 days.

Let me see if I can find a product that is worth the buck. In the mean while, if anyone has bought one / used one, please share the details on the comment box.

  1. breezairindia says

    Breezair’s Air Coolers are energy saving, Low running cost, Easy installation and they have low maintenance cost. Our Air coolers take little space and covers whole area.

  2. supriya says

    I hav a desert cooler few days back 8 get shifted to mumbai so i wanted to know that i can use it here as efficiently as i used to by doing some modifications in it?

    1. Hemal says

      Hi Supriya, thanks for your visit and comments.

      To answer your question, there is a both Yes and no. Yes, if you get a water flow regulator which will minimize the water flow in these desert coolers, up to a certain extend it will help reduce the humidity inside. Especially, if you are in a place where naturally humidity is less, like a place where no water bodies are close by, it could help.Else, the only option to use it as a large fan.

      I have quit using the cooler, and instead have now bought an A/C as the heat does not help anymore. 🙂

  3. supriya says

    I have a desert cooler few days back i get shifted to mumbai so can i use it as efficiently as i used to with some modifications in it?

  4. Aarto says

    How was the experience with the cooler Hemal? I am planning to buy a cooler for my parents in Mumbai..

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Use a Cooler without Water! Because of the humidity in the air coupled with the microns of water droplets sprayed by the cooler makes it worse. You are better off without using a Cooler with water. I am still using the Kenstar Desert Cooler I bought but stopped using water. Just as a high-speed Fan, it works better than traditional fans.

  5. Mahesh says

    Little Scientific Stuff.

    How air cooler works?
    Its basically a fan. You put a wet cloth or wet screen in front of the air blow. Now while this air blows through this screen, it evaporates some water. The latent heat required to evaporate water is taken from blowing air. This results in cooling of air.

    Why it sweats?
    While this cool air blows in room, it also takes this evaporated water alongwith it. So water pecentage in air that is humidity increases. Obviously you will sweat more. It takes about an hour or two to reach this level.

  6. sm says

    i also didnt understand this science ,why after few hours we start to sweat after sitting infront of air cooler For me important is if one can bear the sound of that air cooler then no problems .
    i saw the pic of kenstar dx model in a newspaper it looks big and good.
    its good you got air cooler which canbe used without water.

  7. sm says

    1-air cooler will first 1 hour or 2 hours keep your room cool ,after that it will increase humidity and you will start to sweat.Mumbai is humid and is not advisbale to increase more humidity.
    2-air cooler if used near and that cool air may give you cold and cough.
    3-air cooler will make sound ,it is difficult to clean.
    4-air cooler only works in one direction just like moving wall fan, when it comes your direction you feel cool otherwise it is useless. air cooler will never make your room cool u may use it 12 hours the effect is samelike wall fan.
    i will suggest just go to shops who sell wall fan and experience the air then go to shop which sells air cooler get the air,
    then see air cooler can you sit with that sound
    if your budget is 7 k you can go for ac which will come at 10 k with half ton, you must have celing fan now so just use half ton ac for 30 mins to 1 hour and then turn off your ac and start your ceiling fan your rook will stay cool for 6 to 8 hours at night time.
    upto 2000 rupess you can get good fan.
    air cooler cost u 4500 Rs.
    If you fix air cooler go for 4 in one aircooler
    Fan / Air Purifier / Humidifier with remote cost 4500,
    For wall fan you will just need to use one screw on wall which is ok with all owners.

    1. Hemz says

      1. I did not understood how does the Cooler increase Humidity after 2 hours.
      2. I agree that it can give you a cold if you keep it close enuf, but then it is controllable.
      3. I have found an Cooler which does not make much sound. It is difficult to clean, yes ofcourse. But then, it is the same case with fridge these days. The water defrost trays which used to be simple pull, now require you to use a screw driver.
      4. An Cooler works in one direction is an understatement. The Cooler with Swing, swings the air like the Table/Wall fan. Cooler will not make the room cool, but it is not for that. To cool a whole room is the job of an AC. Cooler only cools a small area / range and gives you cool air.

      I actually visited today out of depression and even ordered one for me, but that detail later. The Cooler I selected can be used as a Fan without using water at all, and with water / ice. And the fact that this Cooler works much more faster than an Orient PSPO fan I saw after your instruction. Your idea of A/C cooling is very good. But then, this need is not only for sleeping in the night. It may also be used in the day and a place other than bed room, may be Kitchen. So, this cooler gives me portablitiy. As I had told you earlier, AC is not a option for me since I cannot do any modifications to my home since this is a rented apartment.

      I bought a KENSTAR Double Cool DxCW 0121 Cooler which will be delivered at my door by tomorrow noon which has a cooling capacity of 30 Sq Meter, I can store 45 litrs of water. It can work in dry & arid climates and it is even Inverter compatible.

      It cost me a good 5 grands, which ofcourse had saddened me, but then I have to be fair enough to myself. Me and my family cannot bear the heat.

  8. sm says

    like your tag cloud and new changes.

    about ac and air cooler i will suggest one should go with ac or wall fan,
    air cooler in begining gives you cold air, but it will have lot of sound so you can not sleep neither you can listen music while working,
    2nd is it will take lot of space ,
    3rd is you have to sit infront of air cooler it is difficult to clean air cooler.

    for wall fan, you dont have sound, it will not take space.
    so i will suggest go for wall fan.
    if u decide on wall fan check that speed how the fan moves left side or right side
    regarding wall fans i will say old is gold.
    air coolers also work on same principal like fan,
    in both cases you need sit infront of them.

    1. Hemz says

      The issue SM is that I dont want to spend more than 5K to 7K. And there are two things that fall in my budget, one is the Air Cooler, other is a Wall Fan / Table Fan. Also the fact that I am staying in a Rented appartment, that stops me from doing any modifications to my home. The other fact is that Mithi (clean, not the one in you see in mumbai) river flows behind my area which means high Humidity. So, the choice is more or less has to be an Air Cooler.

      What I want to know is that which one is better.

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