Market Prediction

BSE Sensex money matters

After a whole dull season, the sensex saw a big improvement yesterday, breaking estimates of a negative free fall. As I had predicted last time, it seems we are on path to be the first country to get rid of the recession thing.

The US Markets closed the highest yesterday since 28th October last year, making me happier. The rise was attributed to the announcement of plans to Toxic Restructure of the economy. Trigger factors would be lesser today as compared to yesterday and markets may take a small dive, but do not expect it to tank suddenly to yesterday’s opening levels.

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  1. Amitabh says

    Looks like you are on target! I am not sure. Though I do not follow market closely, it seems to me that our markets react to whatever happens to NYSE. If NYSE goes up, the next day BSE will go up.
    Say! This could be a perfect way to make money! Buy and sell shares in India but keep and eye on NYSE. 😉

  2. sm says

    good info on nano. like it

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