Tata Nano: Space and Interiors

Tata Motor's Nano is small car with 600 CC engine, and is billed as the most affordable car in the world

The space of the small car is maximized in the inside for comfort, however taking a baggage is a concern. The back-engined Nano does not offer luggage space in the front, but actually behind. This space is smaller and may not gobble up much of your luggage. If you are not having rear passengers, you have an option of adjusting the rear seats to accomodate your luggage. Or if you have, then you are stuck with it.

The AC has been reported to be good enuf to combat the heat for April and May. As compared to the AC which comes with Maruti 800, it is better. (reports Zee Business)

Interior plastic is not top – notch and you may feel the cheap plastic keeping in the theme with its cost. So don’t be surprised.

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