Why Voting is compulsary, and why not?

Vote Budget - Populist budget rolled out to favor ruling party in forthcoming elections

Sm has some good reasons why Voting in Elections should be compulsary. I agree with all his points except that Voting should be Compulsary.


I think it is a very debateable topic. Sm has mentioned what is a reality. I believe that all these can be followed without compulsary elections. The root issue remains that people need to educated. Have any one of you ever got a chance to read Advani’s blog. Read the comments and you would understand that even educated people fall blind and the youth is inspired by their family’s fan following.

You should have listened to what Varun Gandhi did a few days ago. He openly mouthed bad words infront of a crowd!!!

Yes, I did discuss politics and elections with my father and mother whenever I had time. There is congress europhia in our family. My Grandmom had met Indira Gandhi when she came to Alleppey, Kerala and she was a big fan of Rajiv Gandhi… So much so that she put his name as my family (pet) name out of respect for Rajiv Gandhi.

The local corporator, Mr. Shukkur of Congress knew our families together and have had maintained good relations with our family. Whenever he sees us, he makes it a point that he comes to us and talk to us.

So you can very well imagine that how inculcated I would be about the good part of Congress. Now you see, If I had to vote, I would do that for Congress. But that simply does not mean that I would vote for Congress just because the Contestant is from Congress.

That is how the children grown up, the next generation, gets an idea why they vote for, and which party.

The development does not show and people just know who they had to vote.

These very people who are should be doing the reforms would think a lot to make sure that they do not get something that would backfire.

The Politico’s know very well that making Voting Compulsary would give them a good VoteBank. But they cannot simply make it compulsary for anyone to excersise their rights.

India is a free country and every one has the right to expression and right to excersise whether to do it or not.

I visited there two sites and they are really interesting. But much more needs to be done for those people who are not on the internet.

So what do you think about this article?

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