Third Front: New Challengers at the bottom

Third front was launched today with much fanfare demanding a change.They said that Congress is corrupt, and BJP is religionsing politics. And a need for a third front is growing by the day.

But I wonder what will happen if they eventually get to decide who rules the roost. AIADMK cheif and former Actress, Jayalalita has expressed her desire to run for the top post as the Prime Ministerial candidate for the third front. Something that all allies have not given a go ahead publicly. TDP Cheif Chandrababu Naidu has said that he is out of race, HD Devegowda has also verbs.

Karat has denied that they have created the Third Front. He said that it was BJP which coined the term, not them and that BJP will not win due to their communial agenda. Karat has some tuff task in his hands. He has already glared it out loud that the defence framework with US will be scrapped. Karat also got back to Pranab Mukherjee, saying if he does not know the Third Front, he will know it after elections.

In response to a fellow blogger’s post, I wish to say the following things.

In India, where voting is a right (can) excersised by any Indian National. However, as it has been known that not all Indians vote. Some to care to know who he is voting for.

If I stay in Mumbai and want to vote for some one who is doing good development in Thane (outside Mumbai), I can’t vote for him. Parties choose their leaders, why can’t we get that option. I would like to see A. K. Antony as a PM candidate for his clean image. He has no criminal records. He has managed our defence forces amicably. But then, I can’t vote for him.

But then I don’t get that option, eh right. In India, there are people who vote for just sake of voting without even knowing what his representative is all about.

A few suggestions here:

  1. Make the it mandatory for every contestant tell at every Election Rally what all criminal cases are against him.
  2. Make it mandatory for every poster printed to contain information about his criminal status.
  3. Make him declare his wealth in his name and his Family members in his promotion articles.
  4. If he / she uses a website to promote his good side, why not publish his bad side as well.
  5. Make it mandatory for every contestant to give his complete bio data on promotion posters.

Then I would see if I can vote for him / her.

  1. sm says

    hemal i agree with you your quesitons are right
    On your quesiton i have posted the responce please read it, Reason why we need compulsory voting.

  2. naraynan sethurao says

    MAYAJA(Y)AL of the election…
    Both Maya and Jaya want to occupy….the chair(PM’s)…without Bulky numbers to their the parliament…and as the day of election getting closer, the electorate will decide decisively…for a stable government..

So what do you think about this article?

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