What others say about Frieda Pinto: She is Good :(

Frieda Pinto takes front row seats at Channel?Ready-to-Wear Autumn/Winter 2009 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week at Grand Palais with the likes of Kate Moss,?Claudia Schiffer etc. Luck is surely on her side.

I was completely flattered when I read some comments about Frieda on some of the websites. There is a completely opposite view of what I and some of my fellow readers would have. I have quoted some comments here which shows the support for Freida in the international community.

Amanda: She is beautiful. But she’s really starting to get on my nerves -through no fault of her own. I just hate how much of a big deal everyone is making of her given that her part in Slumdog was really quite tiny, and required no acting skills at all. I’d rather really talented newcomers with full acting CVs get all the press, rather than just the pretty one

Catherine: She looks pretty. And she’s having fun. And i am first

Some even went on to complement her as equal to Jessica Alba

salma: she looks so much like jessica alba. both are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To one Sanjay, it was quoted in a harsh tone.

BeingReal: Quit your whining Sanjay girl. The girl is cute, fresh and talented. Sinenna miller was NOT in a oscar winning movie, Frieda Pinto WAS. Cry me a river.

Jenny: Wow very cute hair and makeup. Shes looks very down to earth

Willa: Hah, you think she gives a crap about making it in Bollywood? She started in an Oscar-winning movie, is working with Woody Allen, gets fabulous clothes, meets awesome people, and you think she cares about Aish and Bipasha and Deepika? LMFAO.

chrisler 1: Some Indians cannot stand her because she made it big with not much of an effort. But that is life, when things go your way you got to grab them. Good for her that she is enjoying the moment. And she is pretty in a very unique way not Aishwarya type barbie doll looks. In fact, most Indians won’t consider her a beauty and they cannot take it when westerners see her as pretty.

and pretty more… read it here…
Above images belong to the following URLs. You can view more of her images if you like her 😛




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  1. Revathi says

    Okay. I think she has a great fashion sense but then guys Im nt trying to be the party pooper here but I would really like to see her in some other projects before raving about her. Sorry That was my 2 cents.

  2. sm says

    nice photos like your article
    today oscar is the talk of town so she is also.
    media only salutes rising stars

  3. Atul says

    Times of India had actually put up an poll whether She could be the next Bond Girl .. 😐

    1. Hemz says

      Well, we like or we loath it, she cannot be ignored… isnt it?

  4. Sheetal says

    Wow.. Some nice photos for Frieda. You seem to write on various topics passionately. Was looking for some photoblogs and found yours from a link at blogadda.com

    Your profile says you are a content manager, what does one do there?

    1. Hemz says

      A Content Manager manages content…

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