Why does one have all the luck? Frieda, we ask you!

Frieda Pinto, the Slum Dog Millionaire Star (or shall I say crew) is having the luck in her strides. After being on the red carpet at Oscars, chosen by legendary film maker Woody Allen’s yet untitled movie and now, touted as the latest fashion icon by mag Vogue, being the face of the cosmetic major Estee Lauder; she is certainly benefiting the most amongst all.

The News has it that She is being roped in as the face of Estee Lauder. What more one could ask for?

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  1. Kishore Choudhary says

    u got a very good blog, its awesome

  2. Atul says

    Exactly my thoughts, She is pretty much all over the place now. On the cover of Vogue, Maxim and pretty much every Newspaper out there.

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