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In an interesting announcement which was expected, the future of Honda Racing F1 team has finally come out. Honda Racing F1 has sold the Honda Racing F1 Team to their current Team Principal, Ross Brawn. Brawn, former Ferrari F1 team principal, put forth a management buyout of the troubled team after the sudden retirement announcement by Honda from F1.

The Press Release issued by BrawnGP website starts with the line which says: Future of the Honda F1 Racing Secured.

Brawn has retained his two drivers, the Brazilian Rubens Barichello and the Briton Jenson Button, while Brawn will remain the Team Principal.

Brawn’s new website’s welcome message reads;

On behalf of everyone at Brawn GP, welcome to our new team and our new website

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you – our fans, our partners and our media colleagues – for your tremendous support during the past few months. It has been a challenging period but we have now achieved a very pleasing conclusion to the strenuous efforts which have been made to secure our future. We have also been left in no doubt as to the level of enthusiasm for the team and our ambitions.

Our focus now is on preparations for the first race of the 2009 calendar in Melbourne on 29 March. Over the coming weeks we will bring you the very latest news and pictures from the build-up to the Brawn GP team’s debut season plus our plans for the development of

The Website is still under construction owing the sudden announcement. The Logo of the team shows good language. It reminds me of the logo BMW M3 has.

Brawn GP Official Website

The Name chosen for the new outfit seems a bit odd to me. Agreed that every race is called a Grand Prix as F1 teams have the very term “F1” in their team names. None the less, its good news coming in for Formula1. A team is not exiting the scene when the first Grand Prix is right under the nose.

Other noticeable development is the Engine supplier, and its McLaren. As the grapewine was on the Net, Mercedes Benz will provide engines to the new Team. McLaren has already agreed to be the supplier for India’s ForceIndia F1. According to FIA rules, an Engine supplier is not allowed to provide engines to more than two teams.?

In this case, McLaren is already providing engines to its own Team and FIF1. However, FIF1 Team Principal Vijay Mallya has not taken any objection, instead has given his approval to McLaren for providing the engines to Brawn GP for a period of one year, because he did not wished any team to leave the grid.

McLarens has scored a double whammy this time around, getting two deals right under the nose of FIA, while the biggest Looser is going to be Ferrari.

Good Luck Ross Brawn. Wish you a Happy Gran Prixing. Mr. Williams, do you see your past?

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