BlackSea @ Dombivali Station

Its not an unusual scene, to be seen in the crowd,
But to see the crowd may be so unusual.

It is at Dombivali Station, I board the train
Traveling to go to work, only to get a sprain.

Its the same scene every day,
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

When you alight from the FOB,
What you see is black sea.

The Black sea does not have any water,
But a few many people standing taller.

Which shows how young are the travellers,
The youth of the India going to work.

You cannot see the floor of the platform,
That’s the speciality of Dombivali Station…


This poem does not sound like a poem but this is what I feel when I get down from the FOB at Dombivali Station to get to work every day.

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  1. Just a pen in my hand says

    ok , u depicted te sights n sounds of a pakka mumbai local station ! nice man ! te youth of te nation travelling to work ! gues most of te workforce in india is wat keeps te transport system running ! nice words ! although , u cud hv done more at te end part….tc , keep up te good work !

  2. *KHUSHI* says

    thats train.. local in mumbai… !!! nice poem but i feel like you left it half way.. check out my poem on *Mumbai Ki Local* itsm y personal experiance…

    keep it up…

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