The Recession Poem: Life is always a pendulum swing!

Recession may not last long

I was just traveling in a train when this came up in my mind. So here is a Recession poem for you people.

It stuck its seal with the Lehman Brothers,
Another deal in a week for others.

Money came hard for people who need it,
Who had it found it hard to keep it.

The Spending Mood changed its season,
For layoffs, companies needed a reason.

Then you start to feel the thing,
Life is always a pendulum swing!
This is the recession thing!

Obamania struck just nick in time,
A hope for change was just thought in my mind.

It was business as usual for people in the frame,
The Executives do not feel the shame.

The markets make many poorer by the day,
Its the same the very next day.

Many wish to take the paycut,
The bosses were waiting to cut their pay.

You see, its all muck and greed,
I don’t know when we all be freed?

It is growing so fast and fat,
You would not realize when it gives you a pat.

Life is always a pendulum swing!
This is the recession thing!


I have put this poem up here at Poem Hunter

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  1. Just a pen in my hand says

    great man , cal it a satire , te words r magic ! nice rhyme to it too ! obamania tried its best i gues , bt dint quite work out tat wel ! good one man , made me remember an old song whch goes like “haal chaal theek thak hai” ! nice ! cheers !

    1. hemal says

      thank you pen… which song is it btw?

  2. Ritesh says

    In a hard time, when world is struggling with recession, an artist can convay his feeling through a jewel of words.

    Great poem…

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