New Ad: Maaza Mango Mania & Slice – Rasiya Aa jaa

Maaza is rival to the Slice who has used Katrina Kaif so brilliantly, was expected to come with a beater.

In comes Maaza Mango Mania. Its about a story of a dad who is very obsessed with Mangos and his son calls it his Mango Mania. He hurls abuses at the old mango tree the dad helped grow, then calls the Mango dealer at night, secretly. When a politian during his election campagin calls for more benefits for “Aam” aadmi, this dad again is hit by the Mango mania.

Then the son suggests giving his father a mango to drink rather that eat. He gets Maaza and his dad finds solace for its mania.

Score: 3/5

Slice: Rasiya Aa Jaa

However, with the Slice’s new Kat advert goes a step further on where they had left it last and set the Idiot box on Fire. Unique idea of using the word Kamasutra to rebrand it with a mango as Aamsutra is something which caught my eye. Futher, there is a added erocticity in the actions of Katrina enjoying Slice envokes senses in every one watching it. She is Pepsi’s brand ambassador since March ’08.

Katrina’s sizzling looks and a good camera close up techniques makes this advert love able. The background score is also perfectly suited to Kat’s actions.

Score: 4.5/5

  1. aniruddh says

    hi manoj
    the jingle is not a borrowed one……… it was actually composed for the TVC!!!

  2. lalit says

    where could i get this Rasiya audio

    1. Hemz says

      Even I am looking for the same… the only option probably is to extract it from the videos that we get to see online, but that too will not give you the full song… 🙁

  3. manoj says

    can any one tell me which movie track they have used for this rasiya aa jaa ad

    1. Hemz says

      I am trying to find it out myself. If you find it first, post it here. Or else, I will.

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